Navarino Icons Pure Greek Honey

400g glass jar

  • Navarino Icons Pure Greek Honey

Navarino Icons Pure Greek Honey

400g glass jar

  • 14.10€

Navarino Icons Greek Honey is harvested from bees that collect nectar from the flowers blooming in abundance in Messinia. Naturally thick and golden, our pure honey is unheated and unfiltered to preserve all its nutritional benefits, delicate flavor and enticing aroma. It is cold packed by hand without the addition of artificial additives or flavorings.

NAVARINO ICONS Honey is notable for its vitamins, minerals and phenolic compounds. High in antioxidants, it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are conducive to good health and support the defense mechanisms of the immune system.

Serving Suggestions:

• As a natural sweetener in tea or baking

• Consumed alone or spread on bread/toast

• Drizzled over freshly cut fruit

Paired with cheese

Naturally Gluten-Free product