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Who We Are

We are proud to be part of a distinguished group of companies specializing in tourism and real estate, including Costa Navarino, Greece's largest and most significant tourism venture.

Greka Icons was born in the midst of the Greek crisis with a mission beyond creating a gourmet food line. Our goal was to redefine how everyday Greek food is perceived internationally, giving Greek food products their rightful place among gourmet foods and celebrating the treasures of Messinia and Peloponnese.

It all began in 2011 at Costa Navarino, a prime, multi-award-winning sustainable destination in Messinia. At that time, Messinia—a traditional farming region—was relatively unknown and suffering from unemployment and limited resources. Costa Navarino revitalized the area, placing it on the world tourism map and creating significant economic benefits. The founder envisioned a place where everyone could enjoy his homeland, and locals could find stable employment without needing to leave for a better life. The region is famous for its Kalamon olives and a rich gastronomic history spanning 3,000 years.

We aimed to tell the world an important story about olive oil, olives, honey, pasteli, spoon sweets, and other products that barely made a mark outside Greece. Initially, we collaborated with local village women to create traditional sweets as gifts for our guests, boosting local businesses and gaining international recognition. We then bottled extra virgin olive oil from our century-old olive trees and shared it with guests. We knew we needed to connect people with our ancient culinary heritage in a unique, authentic way.
We uphold the values we started with, partnering with small companies that have grown with us. Our products are of the highest quality, free from additives and preservatives, and made with love and respect. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from olives that are hand-picked and milled within hours, our Kalamon Olives are the firmest and packed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and our pasteli contains only Greek sesame seeds and pure honey.

Our commitment to traditional methods and sustainable farming practices respects the environment and supports local communities. At Greka Icons, we offer two authentic food lines: Navarino Icons and TREA.

These lines are globally recognized for their outstanding quality, having earned over 55 awards in international competitions—a testament to the dedication and expertise of our producers. Our products are available at some of the finest food halls, department stores, and e-shops, including City Super, Whole Foods, Gebr. Heinemann, Julius Meinl, Zingerman’s Delicatessen, Eli Zabar, Athens International Airport and Qatar Duty Free. They are also featured in the business and first-class cabins of airlines such as Air Canada, Cathay Pacific, and Aegean Airlines.
At Greka Icons, we are dedicated to providing pure, simple, and authentic food. We strongly emphasize promoting and preserving the land and cultural heritage of our operating communities. This philosophy is central to our mission and shapes everything we do.
We believe in:

Together: Collaboration and teamwork are fundamental to our approach. We believe in synergies and a strong team spirit that drive our workplace and partnerships, enabling us to achieve greater results and create positive impacts.

Ethos: Our choice of partners is guided by shared values of respect for nature, traditions, and fair practices. Upholding these values ensures a sustainable and responsible approach in all our endeavors.

Sharing: We prioritize sharing knowledge, experiences, and resources with our partners and local communities. By fostering collaboration and actively engaging, we aim to contribute to the growth and development of all stakeholders.

Excellence: Attention to detail defines our commitment to excellence. We embrace continuous learning, viewing mistakes as opportunities for growth. Dedicated to improvement, we strive for excellence in ourselves and our offerings.

Innovation: We embrace innovation and forward-thinking ideas that promote a sustainable future. By seeking innovative approaches, we aim to make a positive impact on the environment, society, and individual well-being.

These beliefs are the foundation of Greka Icons, shaping our work and guiding us towards a lasting legacy that extends beyond our products, contributing to a better world.

Discover Navarino Icons and TREA Brands Worldwide!
Experience the distinctive flavors of our products available at prestigious retail destinations across the globe.

Whether you're in the USA, UK, Qatar, Hong Kong, Australia, Korea, Germany, Montenegro, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, UAE, or Greece, you can find our offerings in select stores renowned for exceptional quality and taste.

Our commitment to excellence has also earned us a place in the cabins of discerning first- and business-class passengers on several major international airlines. Even while flying, savor the taste of Greece and enjoy the culinary authenticity of Navarino Icons and TREA.

Our Values

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Team spirit is at the heart of our workplace and partnership environment.

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