Tsarouhi Wine Stoppers

  • Tsarouhi Wine Stoppers

Tsarouhi Wine Stoppers

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A pair of wine stoppers with metallic top and cork base, inspired by the Greek Revolution.

The tsarouhi, a type of shoe, dates back to the Byzantine period, when it was worn by men, women and children.

Originally made of pieces of leather hand-sewn together, it features a woolen pompon on the upturned toe. It was rumored that during the Greek Revolution, freedom fighters used the pompon to conceal sharp objects for use in close combat.

The tsarouhi is part of the uniform of the Evzones, an elite unit of the Greek army whose members form the Presidential Guard. The tsarouhia (pl.) worn by the Evzones have 50 iron nails in each sole. Even today, these shoes are symbolic of the bravery and freedom of the Greek nation.