Navarino Icons Griffin Necklace

  • Navarino Icons Griffin Necklace

Navarino Icons Griffin Necklace

  • 35.00€

Varnished brass griffin motif hanging from a fine leatherette cord, with blue eye tied, and brass chain lock. The griffin necklace comes in a stylish kraft paper box with magnetic seal.

Over 4,000 years ago in Messinia, King Nestor adopted the griffin as his royal symbol. With the head of an eagle, ruler of the sky, and the body of a lion, ruler of the land, the griffin was seen throughout history as the king of all beasts and a symbol of protection.

The blue eye or mati (Greek for ’eye‘) has also been a symbol of protection and good luck in Greek culture for thousands of years, traditionally believed to ward off evil.

The design derives from figurative drawings, wall paintings and motifs found in the Palace of Nestor in Pylos, the best-preserved Mycenaean Greek palace discovered.